transformational leadership coach

Marc Robertson

Marc Robertson is a transformational leadership coach who guides senior executives working in technology, aerospace, media, & entertainment and other sectors. His unique, humanistic approach has enabled hundreds of executives to exceed their expectations as leaders in their organizations and beyond.  Marc’s clients learn to understand and motivate their employees, while creating corporate cultures that inspires trust, and loyalty.
Marc specializes in developing individual and organizational capability through leadership training and, team development. Specific areas of application in this regard include personal awareness and resilience, strategic thinking, problem solving, influencing others, managing change, and developing effective work cultures.
Marc’s techniques and team development skills will help leaders increase their emotional intelligence, turn toxic work environments into healthy ones, and gain the trust of their employees. 
Marc works closely with clients to analyze the areas that need to be improved and then designs a tailor-made approach for each client. 
The problem-solving techniques developed by Marc have been tested in the most challenging of circumstances and work in any industry, and at every level. 
If you’re ready to take the next step and significantly enhance your leadership performance, there is no better time to get started than now.