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Transformational Leadership

The corporate landscape is rapidly evolving. The best leaders are able to adapt to change and build employee trust that creates loyalty and happiness and enables workforces to thrive. Marc is a transformational leadership coach who helps executive clients quickly grasp powerful concepts and repeatable techniques that drive workplace success in all professional environments, from the boardroom to the factory floor. Learn to lead from Marc Robertson, a transformational leadership coach.

Marc Robertson -Transformational leadership coach.
transformational leadership coach

A common mistake among executives is the reluctance to act swiftly and effectively when facing an employee issue. Often the problem stems from a lack of trust between the employees and the executive. Alternatively, sometimes the challenge is to help executives move past the outdated mindset of being a tough boss, and instead embrace a style that treats employees with respect. This, in turn, makes employees feel acknowledged and appreciated, even when pushing the team to achieve maximum results.

With my leadership coaching, we go right after the issues and start resolving them using my proven leadership problem solving techniques while developing critical problem-solving skills.

Marc Robertson is a leadership expert who has been working in the field of transformational leadership and coaching for over 30 years. Marc is a renowned leadership consultant, author, and speaker. Marc’s coaching style is based on the idea of “being curious about everything,” and he constantly challenges his clients to break away from their comfort zones in order to grow.

Learn to Lead

Some executives feel that their employees are there to serve them.

However, this mindset can create greater problems. My approach guides executives to be of service to their employees

Using my leadership techniques, clients will overcome the problems that arise when leading people, while developing a genuine sense of responsibility amongst employees.


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